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Plastering Sand

Plaster Sand is an excellent replacement for river sand for plastering in the construction industry. The size below 6 mm is sieved and separated from the stone aggregates. Plaster Sand is usually strong, dust free and increases workability in manual plastering.

Different Product | Smooth Finish

Plastering Sand is a very fine grade of sand which is used for plastering and creating fine finish both internally and externally. Manufactured Sand which has the granule thickness of 0 – 2.36 mm is suitable for all plastering purposes. Owing to its fine particles that are coming from manufactured sand, plastering Sand creates a very smooth and even finishes to your plastering projects. It can also be used for pavement jointing in order to fill cracks of artistic paving. One can achieve better Surface Finish than River Sand by using Plastering Sand. Plastering sand is manufactured as per the international standard which ensures uniformity of Particle Size distribution.  Also, there will be lesser or no wastage in case of manufactured plastering sand in comparison with river sand.  Again this proves to be an environmentally viable choice for everyone apart from the quality finish.

Result-oriented Journey

The journey of any civil construction is tedious for the construction sector. Continuous monitoring is needed to make it a perfect one. Plastering is the final touch of a civil construction and it needs special attention.  Plastering sand is used across different sectors of civil projects such as Independent Houses, Apartments, and other Residential & Commercial Projects. One can expect these two things in plastering sand which is much more reassuring – Optimum Quality | Unadulterated.

Quality Speaks

A good quality plastering sand can have a huge impact on the cement consumption needed to produce the effect with desired properties at the end of plastering.  During the process of plastering on must make sure that the plaster must be finished to a true and plumb surface and to the proper degree of smoothness as per need and finishing shall be completed within half an hour of adding water to dry mortar. This gives builder/worker a chance to maintain a smooth workflow over river sand.  One can always expect greater finish with manufactured plastering sand without any glitches.

In the world of manufacturing sand there are obvious differences between Concrete Manufactured Sand and Plastering Manufactured Sand. Let’s have a look.

Concrete M Sand Plastering M Sand
This type of Manufactured  Sand is used for concrete, brick, block & masonry work purposes. Plastering Manufactured Sand is used for Wall plastering. Sometimes it is used for brickwork.
The granule thickness is 150 microns to 4.75 mm and is suitable for concrete preparations required for construction purposes. For plastering manufactured sand, granule thickness must be within 150 microns to 2.38 mm which makes it perfect for plastering purposes.
Concrete Manufactured sand is used for the construction of walls with cement to sand ratio of 1:3. For RCC structures the minimum strength of concrete shall be considered of M20 for beams and slabs (roof). The ratio 1: 1.5:3 by volume Manufactured sand produced for Plastering should be mixed in the cement ratio 1:4 for internal works and for external works the ratio should be 1:6
Coarse Aggregates size for concrete work:

Measuring 20 mm (13 mm – 21 mm)

Measuring 12mm (8 mm -13 mm)

Coarse Aggregates is not required for plastering

Silver Sand is glad to offer best quality plastering sand to its clients. Our manufacturing process makes it a point to produce plastering sand that conforms to the highest benchmark set by national and international authorities.