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M Sand Advantages

Manufacturing sand contains typical rock-forming minerals like quartz, feldspar, mica group of minerals, etc., Rock-forming minerals like quartz, feldspar, etc., are basically inert in nature. Mica group of minerals are not interfering in the cement hydration and strength development in mortars.   

It does not contain organic and soluble compound and impurities such as clay, dust and silt coating that affects the setting time and properties of cement. So, the required strength of concrete can be maintained thus, increased quality and durability of concrete.

During the preparation of manufactured sand, the raw material is obtained from specific hard rock i.e. granite. The production process uses high-end internationally approved technology to obtain the required property of sand.

The cubical shape of manufactured sand gives it an edge over river sand.  Manufacturing process ensures that technology and the machine are able to produce the same effect to that of natural river sand information.

Required grading zone for the sun is achieved during this process making the construction work much more smoother when the sand is in use.

Manufactured sand is consisting of cubically shaped particles that give high strength and long life to concrete. Manufactured sand which is of higher quality is free from flaky and elongated particles.

Manufactured sand has minus 150 microns less than 10% and minus 45 microns less than 2% only which helps concrete to maintain water absorption rate of concrete less than 2% thus producing consistent concrete.

Higher Strength of concrete

Certain properties are there in manufactured sand such as smooth surface textures and consistency due to regulated gradation which makes it the best sand suitable for construction. Along with that manufactured sand gives concrete a far better strength by reducing segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids, and capillary. All these means manufactured sand is offering better value and stability to its users.

The durability of concrete

As manufactured sand is produced and proceeds from a carefully selected quality of granite, it has the balanced physical and chemical properties for construction of concrete structures. This balance is helping the concrete structures bear extreme environmental conditions.  So, people who deal with various construction projects of different volumes can safely rely on the manufactured sand to keep their reputation on a higher note.

Concrete Workability

Workability of any type of concrete depends upon size, shape, and texture. Larger surface area of sand increases the demand for cement and water to bond the sand with coarse aggregates. Manufacturing sand enforces the lesser amount of water for the concrete yet provides the higher workable end product. This also assures that less effort for mixing and placement of concrete is needed thus increases the productivity of construction activities at the site.

Lesser Defects in Construction

The unmatched fineness of manufactured sand helps to reduce construction defects such as segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillarity in concrete.

Economically Feasible

Because it’s of high durability, higher strength, reduced segregation, permeability, increased workability, lesser post-concrete defects, manufactured sand proves o be an economically viable choice for everyone.  Due to all these reasons construction sector, these days is inclining more and more towards the use of manufactured sand in various projects.


This product is a far better option compared to river sand if one speaks about environmental factors. Manufactured sand helps to prevent digging of river beds to procure river sand thus thwarting away big environmental disasters such as groundwater depletion, water scarcity, a threat to the safety of bridges, dams etc. Also, it ensures the landscape remain same near and within the river.

Overall, manufactured sand holds much better and higher ground in today’s world. We at Silver Sand are ready to fulfill the expectations of the future world through our manufactured sand thus keeping everyone happy.