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Welcome To Silver Sand

Highly reputed M Sand Manufactured & Suppliers in Bangalore

Welcome to the world of Silversand that offers an exclusive and eco-friendly solution with a newer version of strong and high-quality sand for construction fraternity, welcome to the world of manufactured sand. We take up the challenge of producing the best quality manufactured sand that meets the highest quality standard in the world making us the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of m sand in Bangalore, Karnataka.

m sand manufacturers in bangalore

M Sand – Why You Should Choose it?

Theoretically, manufactured sand (also called as Robo sand) is produced by crushing stones in factories. In our effort to keep the environment safe, maintain our riverbeds free from sand mining and keep the landscape clean, we produce manufactured sand from high-quality aggregates that meet the ever-growing needs and high-benchmarks of the construction sector. Our production process ensures that the quality of the end-products passes through our laboratory that follows our stringent quality control policy.

The Process

In the process, we engage ourselves to the task of procuring aggregates that come from highest quality hard granite stones. Once procured, our modern state-of-the-art unit uses high-end technology and methods that ensure best sand is prepared under the strict vigil of our highly-qualified skilled experts. Here, we produce superior grade sand where sand particles are mixed in right proportion as per the international standard with proper grading. Once done, our final product offers superior shape, the proper gradation of fines, smooth surface texture and provides greater durability and higher strength to concrete by overcoming deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillary.

The Knowledge

By now we know that river sand occurs due to a constant natural phenomenon and produces loose and fragmented small particles of decomposed rocks, corals, or shells. Another important use as a decorative material in landscaping that gives it a different status.  River sand comes from the river bed and constant digging makes it worse for the environment and natural habitat that surrounds it. We want to prevent ecological damages caused due to excessive river sand mining.  To live up to the cause, we opt for this alternative solution of manufacturing sand that comes from fine and uniform granulation of stone aggregates which proceed through latest technology resulting consistency in production parameter of chemically stable sands. Silver Sand guarantees that its manufactured sand has well-balanced physical and chemical properties that can weather and withstand all types of aggressive environmental and climatic conditions. We also make sure you get the product that has enhanced durability, greater strength and economically highly feasible.

The Gist

Allow us to narrate in a nut-shell about the advantages that you can get from our product –

Pocket-Friendly – Compare to natural sand our manufactured sand can offer a greater advantage of the budget benefit to construction projects because of its price over natural sand.

Compliant with Higher International Standards making it suitable for all kinds of construction works across the globe. 

Our product and production process is less disruptive to the environment and this initiative can help in reducing the sand mining from river beds.

Amount of impurities are almost none which resulted in excellent working properties: Our manufactured sand doesn’t contain impurities and it is free of silt and clay particles, on the contrary, it has denser particle packing than natural sand. Moreover, we make sure that you get the sand which offers higher flexural strength, better abrasion resistance, higher unit weight and lower permeability.  We have been able to create large amounts of sand that contain organic compounds which can be found in river sand.

We are instrumental in producing and delivering the highest quality of manufactured sand to a large number of clients. Our long list of clientele is proof of our honesty and integration to keep up the value of our brand.

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We have been successfully delivering high-quality sand for our new and repeat clients.


Why Choose Us

Better Bonding Strength with cement

Suitable for the preparation of high-strength concrete

Excellent replacement for natural River Sand

Highly Durable

Less affected by the moisture content as it is crushed stone

Very Cost Effective

No need for further screening

No wastage and is free from the slit and other impurities

Better Vaasthu compliant as it doesn’t contact human or animal traces


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